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3 Items to Add to Your Home Prior to the Holiday Season

If your home is in need of new windows for the upcoming holiday season, Southwest Vinyl Windows has got you covered! We've got plenty of window styles, all of which are excellent choices if you want to make a huge impression on your family members and friends that visit this year.

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Looking for Protection from the Cold This Holiday Season?

While it might feel like fall has just arrived, the truth is that the temperature is getting colder every day, and winter is not far away! Now that the coldest season is right around the corner, you might want to start thinking about how you can protect your home from the colder weather and snow.

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Winter Benefits of Window Awnings

When you think of a window awning, you probably already know that they provide shade and keep your windows protected from the harsh heat of summer. But did you know that awnings in Philadelphia are also able to provide a number of winter benefits as well?

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Replace Your Windows Before Winter Arrives

Now that we're reaching the end of summer, it's time to start thinking about making home improvements and preparations for the fall and winter ahead! While it might seem like there's still plenty of time before the colder seasons arrive, it's important that you take time now to determine if your home needs vinyl replacement windows in Montgomery County, PA and to formulate a plan of action before the thermostat starts to drop.

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How to Add a 50s Flair to Your Home

The 1950s marked the beginning of a unique time period for music, social change, and home décor. Coming off the post-war recovery period, the home décor of the 1950s radiated a cheerful optimism for the future, which was reflected in the style choices of the time. Even if you didn’t live through the nifty 50s yourself, many people still admire the bright colors and patterns that came along with this memorable decade. If you want to add some 50s flair to your home, take our tips to get the look just right.

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